The meticulous research and planning for the ILM Montessori started in the early 2009 and by mid-2010 all the ideas were slowly taking shape for this dream institution to start accepting enrollments for the class of 2011, to start the academic year by September 2011.

Our goal is to follow each child’s interest and curiosity and be able to infuse the conscientiously designed curriculum at the accurate time into their learning experience.

Ilm Montessori is a child care service provided for pre-school children, 3-6 years of age following the Montessori methods of learning. The facility is designed to provide the children with sequential learning materials and learning experiences which are the building blocks for practical life’s activities and cognitive, social and emotional development.

Ilm Montessori believes children learn best in an atmosphere where purposeful activity and experience promote the foundations for successful learning and high esteem. Learning materials and the environment of the class are specifically designed by our staff. These materials are used to facilitate a new learning concept for the child. Children freely learn to explore, observe, test, and form theories of learning. The role of the teacher is to provide a non-competitive environment of learning where social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive preparation are nourished in each child through the materials provided.

Practical life, Sensorial, Math and Language are the four basic avenues of our curriculum. Science and Geography is also introduced to the children through the materials and environment.

We have customized the Montessori class plan with a blend of Islamic values, added an Arabic language class and a Quran recitation class to our daily class plan with a dedicated Arabic teacher in the faculty.

About The Founders

ILM Montessori Inc. was incorporated under the Illinois Business Corporation Act and approved by the office of the Secretary of State Jesse White on Jun 08th 2010, with our Directress Mrs. Quarashia S. Al-Shehab serving as the President of the corporation.

Quarashia Al Shehab is the Director and the founding member of ILM Montessori. Quarashia is AMS certified early childhood teacher with over 7 years of experience leading Islamic Early Childhood classes. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University in New Jersey.

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