THE ILM Academy Difference:


  • Students will follow a low teacher-student ratio schedule from 8:30 through 12:30 with their Ustad following the above concepts of memorizations. At 12:30 they will break for lunch and Dhur prayers and report to their Academics teacher at 1:30 through 3pm.


  • Our Academics teacher has over 8 years of Homeschool teaching experience; we follow the ISBE approved home schooling curriculum based on the Childs age and aptitude. The idea is to keep our Huffaz on par with the academics so when they graduate as a Hafiz al Quran, they are not behind in their worldly academic studies.

The word ILM in Arabic means KNOWLEDGE: Not just worldly knowledge but knowledge that can help them in this world and the hereafter, knowledge that will help them become a responsible citizen, an excellent neighbor, a superior Hafiz al Quran and above all, a good human being.

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