The Hifz Academy runs under the auspices of Maulana Aziz Ahmed Sahab of Elgin, the Hifz teacher reports directly to him on a weekly/monthly basis and follows all the regulations and “tarteeb” stipulated by the Maulana specifically for ILM due to its unique product offering of Hifz with secular studies. The Students are also tested in person by Maulana after every Juz is completed. Masha Allah!

The Holy Quran is introduced to our children in our early childhood program (pre-k and Kindergarten) the same is continued through completion of this program. The young students learn to memorize and recite small surahs of the Quran in Kindergarten. In grades 1-3, students receive instruction in the subject of Qira’a (reading and recitation) and are formally introduced to the subject of Hifz (memorization). Upon achieving reading fluency, students are directed towards intense efforts at memorization with simultaneous instruction in Qira’a as they proceed through the program. Students then finish and polish their learning of memorization and recitation as the first level and are well on their way towards the memorization of the Holy Quran. All our graduating students will be awarded certificates of Hifz (memorization) throughout the grade levels, as and when they complete with a target set towards the end of the program (3rd grade). Ilm Academy will accept future Huffaz between the ages of 6 years and 9 years.


THE ILM Academy Difference:


  • Students will follow a low teacher-student ratio schedule from 8:30 through 12:30 with their Ustad following the above concepts of memorizations. At 12:30 they will break for lunch and Dhur prayers and report to their Academics teacher at 1:30 through 3pm.


ILM Hifz Academy will follow a three tiered age old concept of Hifz:

  • The Five Sabaq Concept: Students are daily required to review the last five sabaq to get a new 6th sabaq.
  • The Juz (Para) Sabaq Concept: A full Juz must be recited once a week on a specified day of the week.
  • The Aam Muqta Concept: ¼ Juz sabaq every day until they reach 5 juz, which is then increased to a ½ Juz sabaq.


  • Our Academics teacher has over 8 years of Homeschool teaching experience; we follow the ISBE approved home schooling curriculum based on the Childs age and aptitude. The idea is to keep our Huffaz on par with the academics so when they graduate as a Hafiz al Quran, they are not behind in their worldly academic studies.

The word ILM in Arabic means KNOWLEDGE: Not just worldly knowledge but knowledge that can help them in this world and the hereafter, knowledge that will help them become a responsible citizen, an excellent neighbor, a superior Hafiz al Quran and above all, a good human being.

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