Alhumdullilah, we are very pleased to announce that our very own, Ms. Yasmeen has been certified as a 69 Montessori teacher and working on her 9-12 certification. We are truly blessed and our prayers have been answered by our Rub Al Aalameen.  We cannot be thankful enough to all of our current parents for always remembering us in their prayers and trusting us with their child’s future. We have started to plan our next level and still looking for a Montessori certified teacher.

Admission Requirements for Lower Elementary Program

  • The child must have completed an Illinois State approved Kindergarten program.
  • Transcripts from the previous institution are required at the time of enrollment to the Lower Elementary Program.
  • There will be a placement test for each child to determine the aptitude of the student before being accepted into the program.
  • If we have spaces available after the Winter Break in January, any new children will have to pass the placement test before belong accepted into the program.

Download the Lower Elementary Montessori 6-9 Enrollment Form:

Montessori Approach-Planned Curriculum

The Montessori environment for children ages 6 through 9 is organized according to four basic avenues of curriculum, as follows:

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