The Quran Curriculum Integration Project


ILM Montessori has been granted an exclusive permission from the creator and mentor of the Q-CIP project to implement this methodology at our school by integration of the teachings of the Quran into the Montessori curriculum. This has never been tried at this age level ever and the author, Dr. Mohammed Saleh has requested that we share the curriculum with him so a nationwide program can be developed based on ILM Montessori curriculum. We feel privileged and honored to be the launch vehicle for the Q-CIP program for pre-K age group.


In a nutshell, the Q-CIP philosophy says that the knowledge given to young students should always be connected to the Quran. The project, although, currently developed, for Elementary students and up emphasizes on the three T’s: Telawah (Reading & Rehearsing), Ta’aleem (Teaching, Ilm and Wisdom), Tazkiyah (Refinement of the Soul). At ILM Montessori we will be emphasizing on the first two T’s in our Curriculum integration, Telawah and Ta’aleem with appropriate references from the Quran.

Examples of the integrated lessons:

  1. Dedicated Arabic language and Quran teacher with a daily lesson.
  2. Emphasis around the daily basic Masnoon dua’s.
  3. Five Pillars of Islam
  4. The story time activity of Montessori will be used to relate stories from the Quran.
  5. Lessons and examples taught by the Prophets.
  6. Field trips to the Zoo and or nature walks will be related to the creation of Allah Ta’ala
  7. Emphasis will be given to the Islamic Holidays by explaining to the children the purpose of that holiday. E.g. planned activities during the month of Ramadan and Haj, explaining the significance and importance.
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